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Unblock the potential of your home with RoomsAI

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AI Powered Automations

Experience a new level of smart living with our cutting-edge AI-driven automation. Our powerful algorithms learn from your daily routines, detecting patterns and motions to create custom automations tailored to your unique lifestyle. Enjoy seamless, personalized control over your environment, all with the touch of a button. Upgrade to the future of automation today!

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Optional Cloud Use

With RoomsAI you only utilize the cloud when accessing the app remotely, ensuring that your personal data stays secure within the confines of your home network

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Zero Cabling

RoomsAI boasts zero cabling requirements, thanks to its utilization of the two most popular and reliable protocols, Zigbee and WiFi. This means no more old-school wiring hassles – just effortless and wireless connectivity

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Streamlined Interface

Our app is both powerful and user-friendly. Designed with simplicity in mind, even a child can navigate it effortlessly. From adjusting lights to setting schedules, managing your smart home has never been easier.

Control all of your devices from one app

Streamline your smart home experience with our app - your all-in-one control center. Say goodbye to cluttered screens and multiple apps; with ours, you have complete command over every smart device in your home. From lights to locks, thermostats to cameras, manage it all effortlessly from one intuitive interface. Simplify your life and unlock the full potential of your smart home with just a tap.

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More features

Enchanced features

Beauty meets brains. Our sleek design elevates your smart home experience while delivering top-notch security.

Unrivaled Privacy

Our cutting-edge system operates autonomously without the need for an internet connection, ensuring the utmost privacy and security. With our technology, you can confidently engage in sensitive conversations knowing that no external entities are monitoring or listening. Your information remains confidential and protected within the confines of our secure, offline environment.

Flexible Layout

Configure the layout of your smart home interface to suit your individual preferences. This feature offers the freedom to tailor the placement and arrangement of elements, from devices to settings, in a way that caters to your unique needs and style, creating a user experience that's both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing

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Discover our Products

Smart Illumination

Experience the swift responsiveness of our ultra-fast touch switches and dimmers, alongside the versatility of our smart bulbs, lamps, and relays. With seamless integration, every corner of your space becomes a beacon of personalized illumination, effortlessly controlled to suit your mood and lifestyle.

Smart Home Entertaiment

Experience cinematic magic with our app. Control your TV, media boxes, projectors, and more with ease. Create the perfect movie scene from your couch, adjusting lighting, sound, and visuals effortlessly. Transform your home into a theater with a simple tap.

Smart Blinds

Discover our smart blinds: quiet, beautiful, and seamlessly automated. Precision engineering ensures they glide effortlessly, adjusting with the sun's movements. Say farewell to noisy, outdated blinds - ours blend elegance with cutting-edge technology. Transform your space with the whisper of automation, marrying style with functionality effortlessly.

Smart Curtains

Experience our smart curtains: virtually silent, effortlessly responsive. A gentle tug and they glide open or close, framing your view with precision. No more intrusive noise; just the whisper of technology enhancing your space. Program them to sync with the sun's movements for optimal lighting and panoramic views. Upgrade your home to elegance and efficiency with our intelligent curtains.

Smart AC Control

With our app, control all AC units seamlessly. Manage central AC with advanced thermostats and split AC systems effortlessly. Personalize comfort effortlessly, putting you in charge of your environment. Our temperature sensors provide real-time updates, allowing automatic adjustments to create the perfect ambient temperature in every room.

Smart WiFi Speakers

With our WiFi speakers and app integration, music follows you seamlessly throughout your home. Connect effortlessly and play your favorite tunes in any room, creating the perfect ambiance wherever you go. Say goodbye to limited sound and hello to a harmonious atmosphere throughout your house.

Smart Home Security

Our comprehensive home security system incorporates motion detectors, door and window sensors, and advanced human presence sensors capable of detecting breathing and heart rates. With fire alarms, gas leak sensors, and water leak sensors, potential hazards are swiftly detected. Pair these with smart door locks, security cameras, keypads, and sirens, and you have a burglar-proof fortress. Rest easy knowing your home is protected by cutting-edge technology, ensuring safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.